Here is our promise to you at UpGames:

The gaming industry was facing a dilemma. The market for the most popular card game was in decline. Poker had to be reinvented to meet the needs of evolved customer with a truly mobile first, socially engaging solution.

An idea for a messenger-like, highly intuitive and simple poker application seamlessly combining chat with play was born.


At UpGames everyone is a part of the story. Every single member of the team is involved in this exciting process. We brake the routine to give birth to great ideas. We discuss, listen, hear, argue and agree together.


We thrive to make great products. When we look at what we accomplish, we feel a sense of pride. The spirit of excitement and fun fuels the team to face any challenges for the impossible to come true.


We are creative disruptors ready to invent a new way to play. We encourage critical thinking and creative approach across every aspect and level of the project. We create something remarkable and make it valuable.

Family Spirit

We are all in this together. Failures or successes, mistakes or achievements, all are shared. Our team members are loyal to each other, to our work and to our goals. Each of us is a part of an arrow which targets the common aim.


We promote ownership mentality for any member of the team at any level. We believe that this is the most powerful source of professional and personal growth. We don’t tell you what to do, you manage the responsibility in your own way.