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We are a group of tech innovators, AI experts, online gaming specialists, and passionate enthusiasts dedicated to shaping the future of online competitive gaming. Create an environment where professionals and fans alike can enjoy secure, fair, and entertaining gaming experiences.

We're a group of tech innovators, AI researchers, online gaming professionals, and enthusiastic fans committed to shaping the future of online competitive gaming.


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The online gaming industry is characterized by limited technological advancements, leading to challenges.


The solution to these challenges lies in understanding player behavior, analyzing their actions, and maintaining transparency with users regarding the underlying mechanics. The effectiveness of these measures is enhanced when anonymous identities and data are publicly accessible, ensuring consistent policy enforcement across all operators.


A comprehensive solution requires innovations in data. Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain-based platform elements to enact strategies based on informed insights.


Using click and behavior tracking, large-scale batch data processing, real-time streaming, and advanced analytics to acquire insights into players' identity, risk, and value profiles.

Device, network, location, personal information including email, phone number, address, etc.